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esthe bio
Wrinkle Essence
esthe bio
Scrub Face Wash
esthe bio
Moisture Cream
esthe bio
UV Milk
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Mask ATT

6/25 Started to open English HP
6/25 We recomend Japanese cosmetics

esthe bio
esthe bio
UV Milk
esthe bio
strong Make up wash
esthe bio
Moisture Cream
esthe bio
milky lotion

Export of small quantity

Small risk and big chance

We accept order for small quantity.(Different number of quantity by each product. It is written in the cabinet.)

Usual case, minimum quantity order is pallet or container of unit. It is no problem, if you have a lot of sales network. But if you can’t sell, you have to get big risk that a lot of stock and storage location fee and the disposal by the expiration date. Even if you couldn’t sell when you have small quantity stock, it is small risk. And you can stock at small your place. That is reason you have small risk.

We can export from 1or2 box. You don’t have to get big risk.

It is different minimum quantity order by product. (It is written in the cabinet.) It is possible that to select product and small quantity order. If it is getting popular the product that you got small quantity, you can order increase number of quantity. If increase order, we can more discount. (We have price of pallet or container of unit.)

You have big chance!! You can sell product real made in Japan.

You have big chance to treat real made in Japan product that Japanese craft man made by high quality. And you can treat earlier than other company and shop. Any Major Company think cost, prefer profit than quality. But esthe bio cosmetics always try manufacturing more high quality product, even if more expensive cost. This is real Japanese spirit. Real Japanese spirit worked very hard and to made Japan.

We recommended for shop owner and internet shop owner.

esthe bio cosmetics provide the hospital and beauty salon mainly though. esthe bio is not popular yet in big market. You have chance get the attention to treat rare commodities. If customers use product and recognized products quality, they think your shop has good and rare product. You have more chance, if expand by review or rumor.

We can discount pallet or container units.

If you expand to sell, you order more quantity. We can discount by pallet or container unit. If you purchase discount price by pallet or container unit, you can get more profit by unit cost.

Before you decide import…

There is possibility that you need import procedures at customs or ministry. There is possibility you can’t get product that arrival without import procedures or documents. Please confirm to the customs or ministry what you need import procedures and document.

Payment and condition price

Basically payment is all ADVANCE 100%.But If it order from third time by pallet or container unit, we can negosiate for percentage of advance and deferred. It is written codition and price in each products cabinet.

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