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Export for Japanese product.

We provide wonderful Japanese product that high quality by Japanese technology.
◆ We export Japanese product.
◆ We have mainly cosmetics and commodity,supplements.(We also export diapers.)
◆ If we don't have product that you need, we will seach then inform you.
◆ We have Japanese famous brand products and small company's high quality products.
◆ We export small lot.(Depends on the product.)


We provide import product mainly.

We introduce product that careful select.


Trading country and product.

◆ Russia:Cosmetics,etc...
It is very rare for Russian product in Japan.
We introduce good product that big possibility and interesting to make costomer happy.

◆ Brazil:Supplements etc...
Brazil has huge nature of Amazon.There are many possibility and treasure that unknown in Japan.
We introduce product to make customer happy.


Inter net shop

◆ rakuten shop(in Japan) :To go shop

◆ amazon shop(in Japan):To go shop

◆ aios shop(in Japan):To go shop

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